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A Collection of Watercolours at the The Old Farmhouse, Elstead from 12th-14th April from 11am-8pm


This was an unusual heading of an article in the Farnham Herald commenting on a very early exhibition in the 1970s . The young reporter arrived on a bicycle from Farnham completely drenched from head to foot by torrential rain and I remember offering a bath to help him recover!

Here we are 49 years later and contemplating seeing if we can make 50 annual Exhibitions …

You might ask ‘What has motivated me to be so persistent?. ‘ Maybe an escape from my law office to look for a bargain in the salerooms. Or simply loving the beauty of this medium which captured so well the majesty of creation in all its facets – long before the advent of photography and instant images.

Maybe  some inspiration from the life of John Ruskin may have rubbed off on collectors of Watercolours including myself . We celebrate this year the 200th anniversary of his birth. A recent Article marked his anniversary with the heading ‘A visionary for his time and ours’. John Ruskin wrote ‘Artists wish to express the glory of God and Creation to the limit of their abilities’. He was no doubt inspired by St Francis and those who cherished divine beauty.

Hopefully John Ruskin would have approved of the present exhibition which aims to capture a glimpse some of  the beauty he cherished

It is to be remembered that John Ruskin was also a very fine watercolourist who captured the very essence of the medium

As regards  the present watercolour market, prices have slipped over the recent years and in consequence it can be argued that there is no better time than the present for adding to one’s collection.

You may have noted that when Sothebys sold a Bansky at around £1 Million, it was then shredded and increased its value!! I don’t hold out any hope that the same would apply to any of my watercolours! The art market can be a bit crazy but if you enjoy something on the wall at a price you can afford, the pleasure of it may outweigh the cost.

Richard Grey

Richard invites all to The Old Farmhouse, Elstead GU8 6DB from 12th-14th April from 11am-8pm. Please call 01252 702230 for more information.


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