Arts Alive Community Campaign – can you help?

MVDC are looking to create a short social media campaign aimed at helping two age groups that have become particularly vulnerable to loneliness during the pandemic: 18-30 year olds and over 65s. We’ll be pointing them towards all the help available both online and offline, and giving some tips on how to stay happy and healthy at home.

As part of this they have asked if members of the Arts Alive Festival community could film themselves for 5-10 seconds doing a creative pursuit (whether it’s art, music, gardening, cooking, knitting, reading, writing…) that has helped get them through lockdown. With a short intro – ‘Crafting/poetry/singing has really helped me cope with lockdown’ or something similar.

We would love to do something like this, but with a focus on creative activities.

What we’d need from you –

– A FIVE SECOND VIDEO taken on your phone – IN LANDSCAPE – naming your creative pursuit & giving one reason why it’s been so great in lockdown. You could also show the activity – so if it was gardening you could be in your garden with a rake, if it was writing poetry you could be sitting at your desk with a pen etc. Anything goes! You could ask a friend to take it or do it as a selfie. Just make sure the video is landscape, and ideally not longer than 10 secs.

Please spread the word with fellow creatives, it really is a case of the more the merrier. Completed videos should be sent to and marked ‘AA – loneliness project’ by Monday 1st March. Don’t worry about the beginning and end, we can edit them if necessary. PLEASE also don’t worry if you don’t think it’s very professional – once they are all put together they look amazing.


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