Painting Farnham: views of the historic market town, Craft Town and a World Craft City, nestled in the rolling Surrey Hills

New exhibitions, 12 September – 7 November

Our local landscape, the beautiful green countryside, has given us so much joy during the recent lockdown.

The Painting Farnham season celebrates Farnham, the historic market town, Craft Town and a World Craft City, nestled in the rolling Surrey Hills. It showcases new paintings and limited edition printwork by artists John Bryce, Jan Gaska, Susie Lidstone, Catherine Warren and Suzanne Winn, including both landscapes as well as historic town views of Farnham and the surrounding areas.

The lead artist of our Painting Farnham season is Fiona Pearce whose work in the Foyer Gallery features her much loved Farnham landscapes, often depicting a unique but recognisable view of the Bourne Woods.

About Fiona Pearce:  
Born in Guildford, Fiona Pearce studied Art at what was then known as the West Surrey College of Art and Design here in Farnham. She works mainly in acrylic, applying thick layers with credit cards, fingers and occasionally a brush from her studio in Upper Farringdon.

Fiona’s work is inspired by the beautiful local countryside where she walks daily with her dog. Her love of colours and use of space on the canvas is what excites her the most about painting. Fiona’s goal is to make her paintings come alive, using colours that bring her energy on to the canvas. She sees the world in a geometric format, breaking down images into shapes before translating that on to canvas.

Dr Outi Remes, Gallery Director, says: 
We are your local gallery with lots of nationally recognised talent. Join to celebrate Farnham and its surrounding areas – there is so much to be proud of! Also, you can enjoy the best contemporary of art and craft safely with us in the times when travelling to larger and busier venues may not always be desirable.”

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