PPA Guildford 2019 Musical Theatre Graduates sing Play from Finding Neverland

Twenty very talented PPA Guildford 2019 Musical Theatre Graduates had a great response from their You Tube video singing Play from the show Finding Neverland which they put together to raise money and awareness for the theatre charity Acting for Others which is so important at the moment with theatres and shows almost at a standstill.

They decided to do something to help bring some happiness into lockdown and to get them back together after being apart for so long. Along with Sam Butters Tectum Theatre, they aimed to spread positivity during the difficult and dark times that Covid-19 brought about.

They were sent a message from the original cast of Finding Neverland on Broadway, after they saw the version of Play on  you tube which was the song they recorded on the video. That was a great moment!

All the instruments were played by the cast themselves which made it extra special. Charlie Clay composed her version of the song, including a 6 part harmony which was very exciting to sing and record.

The idea was orginally thought of by creatives  Oli Dickson, Killian Lefevre, and Charlie Clay,after hearing the Ensemble Version of Play on the original Broadway cast recording of Play from Finding Neverland. All appear in the video, which appears here:


They are recording a Christmas video on 1st December.

The cast for the video were:

Band= Charlie Clay, Arranger, Piano.

Guitar/ Percussion = Killian Lefevre,

Guitar/Bass/Flute/Mandolin = Emma Kinney

Vocals Oli Dickson and graduates of 2019 PPA Guildford:
Georgie Lovatt
Jed Hoyle
Ellie Sharpe
Amber Boggust
Chelsea Little
Ellie Birch
Beth Fisher
Cameron Jacob Foster
Olivia Lake
Samuel Quick
Katie Lee-Cameron
Beth Lathem
Jordan Dann
Jack Stark
Nicole Turner
Millie Hansford
Deanna Sykes

Original song Play from the Musical Finding Neverland, Music and Lyrics by Gary Barlow and Elliot Kennedy.


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