We spoke to The Barricade Boys who perform on G Live Main Stage, as part of Guildford Fringe Festival, on 26 July at 8pm. Visit for tickets and dates:

You will be rounding up this years Festival with a show-stopping performance on G Lives Main Stage how are you feeling about it?

We can’t wait! We closed Guildford Fringe Festival last year at G Live and the atmosphere was electric. When they asked to do it again this year we absolutely jumped at the chance. This has been an exciting year for us with a 34-date UK tour and a tour of the US but we can honestly say that G Live is a venue we are really excited about.

What can audiences look forward to from The Barricade Boys in your set?

Well naturally we sing all the classic Les Misérables songs which everyone loves and enjoys but we do them slightly differently, with our unique four-part arrangements. However, we don’t only perform Les Misérables and musical theatre songs – we actually have a lot of variety in the show. We sing songs from all genres from Rock N Roll to Pop, Rock and Swing. We’ve tried to create a really fun show with a special atmosphere – so if you feel like singing or dancing in the aisles you can, or you can just sit back and enjoy.  It’s not every night that you can watch a show which goes from Bohemian Rhapsody to Frankie Valli plus our unique arrangements of those Les Mis classics.

What do you enjoy most about playing a venue the size of G Live?

We’ve appeared in the West End to 2,000 people, we’ve appeared at The Other Palace to 200 people and we’ve appeared at West End LIVE to 20,000 people so we’re pretty good at always adapting and creating a version of our show that can be enjoyed no matter where you see it. G Live will be a very special night as we’ve got a live band on stage with us, a local choir and we’re even bringing in some extra lights and sound equipment to make it truly special. It’s going to be a show you wouldn’t want to miss!

The Barricade Boys name of course, relates to your experiences performing in the long-running hit musical, Les Misérables what do you think is the secret to your own group’s success?

The themes and songs from Les Misérables are timeless and they certainly unite us all as a group but I think ultimately the key to the success of the group has been the fact we’ve always produced a show we’d want to watch. We perform songs we like singing, we have a lot of fun, we don’t take ourselves too seriously but make sure the sound we create is truly magical. That seems to come across in the audience and as long as people keep coming to see us perform we’ll keep performing the show we love.

Are there any other acts which youd recommend catching at this year’s Festival?

We like the look of the other Musical Theatre performers, particularly Back to Before at The Guildhall on 12 July with Jo Kirkland and Elinor Collett (Olivier Award Nominee) who are both seasoned professional actors from the West End. That will be a great night in such an intimate venue.

Do you have any local arts connections with Surrey?

We always try and see the shows Guildford Fringe produces. It’s unbelievable what Nick and Charlotte have done with such limited resources and a whole load of passion. Their recent production of Teechers was incredible.

What else are you up to at the moment?

We’re creating and producing new and exciting shows all the time. Follow @siscoents ( for all our up-to date information.


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