Creative Writing Workshop – Tapping into your imagination through words

Saturday, 1st February 2020,

near Goodwood, Chichester



Remember being 6 years old and your teacher saying:

“I’d like you to write a story today about…”

Now imagine somebody asking you the same question today. We are all born with imagination and the ability to create new things. Along the way, we often get sidetracked by the “day job” of life.

I was one of those people who loved to make up stories and design things, always trying to balance my love of story making with science and business. Five years ago, I finally wrote the novel I’d been meaning to write for fifteen years after I left the corporate world and set up my own business. Creating in one way can really allow you to create in others. I now combine running a strategy business with writing fiction.

A published author online, I want to help others rekindle their creativity through writing. This doesn’t mean you want to finally write that epic narrative but rather just reconnect with your imagination and see where it leads you.

This one-day creative writing workshop allows you to step out for a day in the beautiful West Sussex countryside where we’ll tap back into your creativity through literature. It is aimed at anyone who wants to explore creative writing but equally those who would love to do something completely different for a day.

Held in a beautiful flint cottage near Goodwood, Chichester, it will be a small-group, interactive workshop (9.30am-4.30pm) which will:

  • Explore literature and what you enjoy
  • Experiment with your imagination through prose
  • Learn some essentials of good writing & storytelling
  • Practise fiction writing techniques.

The cost is £120, which includes morning and afternoon coffee/tea and lunch.

For further details, please contact

And remember, nobody has ever said what you are saying in your way…



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