The Little Me

“The Little Me”  For some of us lockdown has been a time for getting fit, learning a new language, baking exotic dishes that we have always wanted to try and for others it has just been having some down time from the usual fast paced rat race that is life. …

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Creative Writing Workshop – Tapping into your imagination through words

Saturday, 1st February 2020, near Goodwood, Chichester     Remember being 6 years old and your teacher saying: “I’d like you to write a story today about…” Now imagine somebody asking you the same question today. We are all born with imagination and the ability to create new things. Along …

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Why more authors are choosing to go it alone

Over 1,500. That’s how many manuscript submissions a literary agent recently told me she receives every year. It’s by no means atypical either. Most agents would proffer a similar number while you can probably double it for publishers. As an author, it’s enough to make your blood run cold. Is …

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Book: Haslemere (with Hindhead) – an Idyllic Country Town by Fay Foster

This book on Haslemere, using material prepared by a number of local people tasked with producing the town’s Design Statement, has been put together by Fay Foster. After extensive research she has written much additional content bringing the history up to date.  The aim has been to paint a picture …

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