School trip blending wildlife and farming now available to primary pupils, says CRT

  The Countryside Restoration Trust (CRT) is today launching Mosaic, a new educational programme that delivers a unique farming and wildlife experience to primary pupils in heart of the beautiful Surrey countryside. Mosaic blends the adventure of the great outdoors with key learning outcomes, all aligned to the EYFS and …

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What are the actual problems that are being revealed now schools are back?

We hear constantly about learning gaps and students being disadvantaged by home education during lockdown but is it possible that this emphasis is giving us a distorted picture?  For many children, being taught at home through the last few months, whilst undeniably challenging for parents, may have actually been something …

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Put paid to scientist stereotypes with 10 women trailblazers

Asked to depict a scientist, too many children draw a white man with ‘mad professor’ hair. Former primary school teacher Abby Harper of education resource experts PlanBee says, why not show them that science and technology has always been the domain of brilliant, creative women. 10 women trailblazers in science …

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How to Nurture Independent Learners

If recent interruptions to schooling have taught us anything, it is the benefit of nurturing students to be independent learners, particularly for parents struggling to home-school perhaps whilst themselves working from home. But the benefits of independent learning go far beyond the once-in-a-lifetime circumstances of the 2020 pandemic. There are …

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Home schooling again? Here’s how

  Many parents enjoyed teaching their children at home during the first lockdown, but for others, the prospect of having to dust off their teaching skills again fills them with dread.   What programme of work should they follow? Should the children guide the learning or should it be imposed, with the …

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The importance of music in schools

Nearly everyone enjoys music, whether by listening to it, singing, or playing an instrument. Read on to learn why music education is so important, and how it offers benefits even beyond itself. 1. Musical training helps develop language and reasoning: Students who have early musical training will develop the areas …

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Defend yourself from being the victim of a scam!

Scam Prevention and Fraud A very informative and useful seminar was held at Milner House Care home last Tuesday afternoon – giving guests a better understanding of scams and fraud prevention. Roy Booth Milner House Customer Relations Manager,  for the home and ‘Scam Champion’ presented the information in the home …

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Is home-schooling right for my child and my family?

As the end of the school year approaches, many parents will be wondering if their children’s education is on the right path. Might they be happier and do better with home schooling? It’s an enormous step to take, but former primary school teacher Catherine Lynch of PlanBee knows the advantages …

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“I don’t want to go to school” – every parent’s nightmare

”I don’t want to go to school today.” These are the words that every parent dreads hearing, especially in the fraught chaos that usually accompanies the morning routine of most families, says Paul Crisell, acting headmaster of Barrow Hills School in Witley, nr Godalming. But before the panic sets in, …

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