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My favourite cut flowers… with Beth Otway

I’d like to introduce you to some of my favourite cut flowers; these beautiful, easy-to-grow flowers don’t require any cosseting. You can sow these flowers from seed this month directly where they are to flower, so there’s no messing about with potting seedlings on, and no need for a greenhouse …

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Sweet Peas by Beth Otway

For me, sweet peas are one of the real joys of summer. The sweet pea’s frilly flowers have a powerful yet serene fragrance, which gently envelops the garden in its loveliness. The scent of sweet peas can fill your home too; they’re very floriferous plants that produce excellent cut flowers. …

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Gourmet Vegetables

I love April, it’s such a super month in the garden and there are so many beautiful vegetables that you can sow now. Did you know that it’s just as easy to grow a purple coloured carrot, as it is to grow an orange one? Carrots come in an array …

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Woolbeding Gardens – a modern masterpiece

Quietly tucked away in the valley of the River Rother lies one of the most beautiful gardens in Sussex.  Woolbeding is a modern masterpiece featuring colourful borders, a landscape garden and a collection of follies.  Woolbeding Gardens is a world away from many of the grand historic gardens the National …

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A plant for your palm

Bonsai is the art of growing dwarf trees and shrubs from seedlings or rooted cuttings. It requires careful training, pruning and container restriction. The latter gives bonsai its name as it translates as ‘tray cultivation’. This is a fun and beautiful way of cultivating plants on a miniature scale. Shohin …

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Container plants for bees and butterfiles

By VantagePoint’s local garden writer, Beth Otway Whether you’ve got a garden, patio, balcony, or a windowsill, remembering to choose flowering plants that produce pollen and nectar that bees and other pollinating insects can access is a wonderfully worthwhile thing to do. By encouraging nature into your area you can really …

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