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Health is Wealth

Jo Butler from Physio 1to1 on the benefits of keeping active ‘Health is wealth’ is a saying we don’t use enough in daily life. Unfortunately ‘Time is money’ tends to get quoted far more often. We live in a wealth-focussed landscape but it is really our health that will ultimately …

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Beware the perils of gardening!

By Mike Stockbridge of Elstead Chiropractic and Therapies Clinic Hard to believe, but every year, chiropractors, osteopaths and masseurs are inundated with victims of gardening injuries!  “As the weather begins to warm up and we head out into our gardens again, garden–related injuries are not uncommon but, as a multi-disciplined …

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‘Genomics’ has arrived and if it hasn’t yet fully registered on your consciousness, it will do soon. The NHS recognises the huge benefit of understanding and forecasting medical issues before they become critical and will no doubt commit ever-increasing financial resources to this area in future years. HealthAssessUK (HAUK), launched …

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Why are relationships so difficult?

It is our experience at The Eaves that the number of individuals and couples seeking help with their relationships increases markedly following the Christmas break. Relationships can be difficult at the best of times but spend a moment to think of the different types of relationships that you are currently …

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Sitting Disease

In this article, Naomi Dinneen, a Chartered Physiotherapist at Physio1to1 in Godalming discusses the risks of sitting, pain at the desk and how to sit well. Firstly and most importantly, should you be sitting at all?  Global studies show, on average, we sit for 7.7 hours a day at work, …

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Is Pilates just for women? No…!

Men equally benefit from Pilates workouts. A man did invent the concept after all, so says VantagePoint. Joseph Pilates came up with the idea that core muscles were key, way back in the 1920’s. Joseph Pilates was a professional boxer who was born a sickly child and he overcame his …

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