Black cabs are going green

The black cab is a world-famous London icon: convenient, functional, and a common sight on London’s roads. Unfortunately, though, their diesel engines are a major source of pollution. That’s why London’s Mayor announced that from 1st January 2018 all new taxis must be diesel-free and able to run entirely on …

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Road test – the Volvo XC40

Volvo, it seems, are on a roll. Once beloved only of a small yet discerning band of folk, these days they are a company who are regularly in the news. Whether declaring their latest outstanding safety record (nobody has lost their life in a car-to-car accident in an XC90 – …

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Motoring Update

Don’t be a car badge snob! How many of us stay loyal to one particular brand of car, perhaps because it is built in Britain, or maybe it’s seen as being of higher quality than lesser makes? Yet, the increasing globalisation of the car industry means that brands associated with …

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Road Test – Volvo XC60, the safest car in the world!

Volvo intend to make their cars among the safest on the road and have pledged that by 2020 nobody will be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo. This quest has been so successful that safety experts Euro NCAP have just assessed the recently launched Volvo XC60 SUV as …

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Winter Safety

Andy Goundry with tips for safe winter motoring The winter may be upon us, but most of us will need to use our cars, even though the seasonal weather could bring hazardous driving conditions. So what can you do to make driving safer? First, let’s start with correcting a widely-held …

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Summer Motoring

Andy Goundry’s hints and tips for safer driving this summer With the winter months firmly out of the way, most of us will be looking forward to leisure drives, either around the country or perhaps even further afield. Often, the car used for these trips will have been only used …

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Motoring News

The motor show season is now in full swing, having kicked off with the Geneva show in early March, and Battersea Park hosting our own London Motor Show from 4th to 7th May. It’s clear from all the shows that after years of little real change, car technology is now …

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Thinking of buying a new SUV?

SUV sales are booming. It’s easy to see why, given their lofty height offering a commanding view over the top of lesser motors, together with perceptions of improved safety and grip, say Andy Goundry. Prestige brand manufacturers seem to have capitalised on this booming market by pushing prices ever higher. …

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The Mini

The Mini was first launched in 1959 and has become a motoring icon. Andy Goundry charts its development. The original Mini, launched way back in 1959, took the world by storm, being taken to people’s hearts in a way unique in motoring history. It found favour with every age group, …

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Dennis Brothers – the second chapter

Britain’s oldest vehicle manufacturer was established in Guildford. In the second in a series, Andy Goundry continues the story. The end of the Great War brought a sudden and dramatic change to the fortunes of the Dennis company. From working almost flat-out producing trucks for the War Department, the order …

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Dennis Brothers – the first chapter

Britain’s oldest vehicle manufacturer company was established in Guildford. In the first in a series, Andy Goundry tells the story. Most folk enjoying a quiet drink in the Wetherspoons pub at the bottom of North Street in Guildford will be unaware that they are relaxing on the site of Britain’s …

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