Pets and Petcare

P-p-p-pick up a puppy!

Emma Marchington MRCVS, of Brelades Vets in Dorking, offers advice to anyone thinking of getting a dog There is a lot to consider when getting a new dog. Whether you have had dogs for years, not had a dog since your childhood or a first time dog owner, it is …

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Top tips for summer pet safety

With summer on its way, it is vital to ensure that our dogs and cats are properly cared for in the hot weather. We asked a couple of local vets for some hints and tips: 1. Provide plenty of clean fresh water for all pets in warmer weather. 2. Paddling …

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Dog training tips whilst in isolation

Life in lockdown is very different for your dogs as well as yourselves.  Their old routine has gone out of the window and they are adjusting to the new ‘norm’.  You may be busy working at home, or entertaining your children, but do give some attention to your wonderful pets …

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Pets in Winter

Like or loathe winter, it’s a time of year that can cause difficulties for us all. Sadly our pets can encounter problems so we need to be more vigilant at this time. Below are a few guidelines. Outside When you are walking your dog ensure you avoid any areas that …

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Beat the itch this winter

Zoe Blake takes a look at a common problem in house pets It’s that time of year many pet owners fear, as the weather turns colder, the heating comes on, and the fleas appear. Did you know that the fleas on your pet represent only about 5% of the flea …

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Dogs – watch their weight!

Obesity rates are increasing for our pet dogs, says Zoe Blake So it’s that time of year when we all make those New Year’s resolutions. Lose some weight, eat better and try and have a healthier lifestyle… sound familiar? But what about our dogs. Is it time for them to …

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Shall we get a cat?

Zoe Blake looks at some of the things to consider before getting a cat In recent years the cat has overtaken the dog in being the most popular pet in the UK. There are an estimated 11 million cats living in households, so why the sudden surge in cat ownership? …

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