A Poem from Eastwick Road Church

A Poem from Eastwick Road Church I have just eighty words- and as always loquacious Th’ available count doesn’t seem awf’ly spacious, However, I want to deliver a greeting: Hello and God bless you, I hope we’ll be meeting. At Eastwick Road Church I am newly in situ Arranging new …

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Thoughts of Autumn – a poem

Late summer sun, slow change in hues of leaves whose days are nearly done, dues paid for the year, so they may either linger on, through autumn’s shifts, or drop tomorrow, an early gift to the earth below, and all the things about to grow in gardens, fields and water …

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The Meaning of Birdsong – a poem

This poem was sent in to us by one of our readers, Peter Taylor           Warm May morning, pink azaleas alight, never been so bright before, so fiery so soon after winter’s wake (quite late this year). I toast my feet beneath a dodging sun, soaking …

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