Healing holidays and 2021 wellbeing retreats on the Isle of Wight

Wild, wellness-boosting holidays without the need for a passport   London, United Kingdom (3 February 2021) – More than ever, travellers are looking to use holidays as an opportunity to boost their sense of wellbeing and improve their mindset, taking part in mentally and physically restorative activities to instil a …

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Another Amazing Holiday

St James Club, Antigua.  As some of you might remember, I went on the holiday of a lifetime last January. Many of you commented on how amazing it looked, how much you all wanted to go, and if I’m honest, the holiday blues from that holiday lasted longer than ever. …

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All at Sea – first time cruising

A week’s sea cruise from Malta in June is not a proposition to be immediately spurned. It certainly contains elements of attraction yet also offers reasons to demand caution. While it is getting cheaper, cruising has never exactly been the budget choice and being contained in the middle of the …

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Maldivian memories made

It has become a way of life now. We spend hours a day scrolling through social media and looking at the most amazing destinations in the world. Looking longingly at these images and thinking, how amazing it would be to go and visit them and experience the beauty in person. …

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Speciality and Themed Cruising

Andy Church, from GoCruise, looks at some of the themed cruises that are now available In a previous article we discussed cruising for the first time, and why cruising can be for everyone. In this article, we will look a little closer at cruises which are designed to attract those …

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Summer Motoring

Andy Goundry’s hints and tips for safer driving this summer With the winter months firmly out of the way, most of us will be looking forward to leisure drives, either around the country or perhaps even further afield. Often, the car used for these trips will have been only used …

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First-Time Cruising

Plenty of people know lots of friends and family who have cruised or are considering a cruise and think it might suit them too. But they then do some homework and are bewildered by the choice available. In this article, Andy Church and Olivia Chapman will help you decide if …

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An ideal holiday

What do you want from a holiday and how do you get it? Andy Church offers a solution… It’s that time of year when many of us start to plan our holidays for next summer and beyond. In my day it was always in the depths of winter that you …

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First-time Camping

Have you heard the news? Camping’s grown up. Once the domain of boy scouts, backpackers and festival-goers, camping has shed its hiking jackets and mud-caked wellies, and now mixes with a more mainstream crowd, says Laura Sands. But although it’s grown up, it’s true to its roots; a cost effective, …

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