Urgent Hay Appeal… can you help raise the £5,600 needed to buy hay for the rescued horses at Mane Chance Sanctuary?

Our Hay Bill…
We care for 38 rescued and rehabilitated horses at Mane Chance, and they chomp their way through around 60 bales of hay every week.  In a normal year, a bale of hay costs around £3 but this has not been a normal year and a national hay shortage means the cost of hay has soared to over £7 per bale.  That means our hay bill has more than doubled and at the same time our fundraising events have been halted by the repeated Covid lockdowns.  But our horses must be fed, and we are now having to use the charity’s reserves to meet this soaring hay cost.

How you can help…
Please donate to our Urgent Hay Appeal at: www.justgiving.com/campaign/urgenthayappeal and encourage your friends and family to do the same.  With your help we can raise the £5,600 we need to feed our horses.  Just go to the fundraising page and buy as many bales of hay as you can, and we will be eternally grateful.

Why is there a hay shortage?
It really started last summer, with the exceptionally long, hot and dry weather that meant the hay yield was a third of what we normally see. Then December was unseasonably wet, followed by snow and thaw and then a very cold, dry start to the year.  This meant the first crop of hay was slow to grow and then the very dry April meant many farmers were extremely late to make their first cut of hay.  And now the very wet May has made the problem even worse with farmers unable to cut their fields until they can get a couple of dry days in a row.

This problem with the hay failing to grow has been mirrored in our fields where the grass we rely on for the horses simply hasn’t grown in the way it usually does – and that means we have to provide them with…more hay!

Our founder, actress Jenny Seagrove explains: “In the 10 years since I started Mane Chance, I have never known such a challenging combination of unprecedented weather and challenging circumstances! It is simply awful to have to rely on the generosity of our wonderful supporters to help us through this emergency at a time when things are still so hard for so many – but we have no choice! “

About Mane Chance
Mane Chance Sanctuary was founded 10 years ago by Jenny Seagrove.  She rescued abandoned and mistreated horses and ponies, giving them a home, a place to recover and time to rehabilitate.  These wonderful animals then learnt to trust again and now give their support to vulnerable children and young adults helping them to build confidence, resilience, and self-belief, some much needed skills in these difficult times.  To learn more about the work of Mane Chance Sanctuary visit: www.manechancesanctuary.org


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