Win a bottle of Albury Organic Vineyard’s Rosso Vermouth

This sweet vermouth has been hand-crafted from distilled Sauvignon wine, blended with Pinot Noir and carefully selected botanical infusions of herbs, spices and citrus peel.

Vermouth owes its name to wormwood, or ‘wermut’ and this English Rosso is reminiscent of the traditional style. Beautifully bitter wormwood aromas are intertwined with dark notes of cacao and coffee, creamy undertones of vanilla, earthy rooibos tea leaves, and sweetness from caramelised Albury honey.

A warming melange of spices including cassia bark, orange peel, nutmeg and ginger are underpinned by herbal flavours of honeybush leaf, lemon balm and meadowsweet for added complexity. Perfect with campari and gin in a Negroni!

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To win a bottle, please answer the following question:

Q: Albury’s rosso vermouth is perfect for festive cocktails. Aside from vermouth, which two ingredients are key to mixing the perfect Negroni?

Please enter by 18th December 2020.

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