Win one of 10 signed copies of Dennis to Alice – a charming children’s picture book

Dennis to Alice, written by George S Broughton, is far more than a picture book, it is a movie in a book, with real-life drama which ignite questions on climate, nature, extinction and conservation.

Dennis, a violent storm, felled a mighty elder tree which dammed a flooded but usually peaceful river. Then a pandemic swept across the world to isolate the spot along with the author. But, also captured along with manmade environmental contaminants, is the transformation that took place from busy contrail skies to blue and verdant water scenes…and a pair of geese that made this their home. Then kayakers tackle the obstacle, boaters try to remove it, a swan performs… and a fox attacks’…

“More material coming down river adds to the dam, logs, timber, some cans and regrettably more plastic. Evidence of mankind’s effect on the environment. It’s extraordinary how long it’s taking to get those out of our lives. We have a duty to preserve this beautiful planet, we must treasure it, before it’s too late” – George S Boughton

Dennis to Alice is published by GB Publishing and priced at £15.99 –

About the Author
Born to English parents in Eritrea, George S Boughton is a Chartered Engineer – BSc (Hons) MechE (UK) – who’s led an expatriate life in oilfield engineering (with Shell and Creole Production Services International, Texas), change management (with the Nichols Group, UK) and Information Management services (with Azeus Systems Ltd, Hong Kong). Now based in the UK, his deep knowledge of oil exploration and production coupled with dire experiences working in remote areas and conflict zones (notably Biafra) have served him well in researching all aspects of the complex, highly scientific and intensely political DeepStorm OutTack adventure.

We have 10 signed copies of Dennis to Alice to giveaway. To win a copy, please answer the following question:

Q: What is the name of the violent storm in the book?

Please enter by 25th June 2021


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