Online Cartoon Classes for Children and Adults who Love to Doodle.

Could you be more Creative? Online Cartoon classes for children and adults who love to Doodle

Do you like to doodle? Would you call yourself creative? Did you know that cartoons help?! Meet Sarah Jane Vickery, a Godalming artist and creativity coach who’s developed unique online art classes to help you do just that. Her goal is to help as many people as possible build the core life skill of being able to think creatively – children and adults alike. 


Sarah believes a creative mindset is not just about thinking outside of the box and inventing new things, it’s also key to expressing your thoughts, processing ideas, telling a story and building the confidence to adapt and change. Great skills to build, especially right now.


With the current social distancing environment, you can get creative through Sarah’s online interactive Zoom art classes. There are three classes to choose from: Cartoon Club for Kids, Cartoon Junior or Discover Your Inner Cartoonist for adults.


According to Sarah, “it’s been more fun than I would have imagined teaching online and so wonderful to keep working with students in these times. Being online is great because I can reach even more creative kids who may not have this type of art class as part of their regular program. I’m even teaching the children of some of my old school mates from Canada”.


The adults are not left out of the picture. Sarah has expanded her offerings and now has a weekly online art class for adults so you can Discover Your Inner Cartoonist – all about helping adults recapture the joy of drawing and the carefree, imaginative thought process we were all so good at as youngsters.


Each week in class Sarah leads you on a challenging cartoon narrative based on a new theme. You explore a topic by brainstorming together and thinking creatively. This is not a step-by-step class but instead Sarah talks you through the creative thought process she uses to draw the cartoon narrative. She does not have a set plan in mind: each class evolves based on the collaborative ideas of the students. She encourages students to make the picture and story their own – to focus on their particular strengths, to draw in their own style, to add new characters or challenge themselves working in a new way. Her goal is to show students that it is in the act of doing, of exploring, in being uncertain, where the answers appear and the story emerges. This is the essence of a creative mindset. Sarah believes that through exercise and practice anyone can become more creative and apply these skills to new challenges both artistic and in everyday life.


Sarah has also published two books. Firstly a creative journal called Doodle Colour Discover: A New Tale of Me, to show the fun, creative way to keep a journal and help people write a better story for themselves. 


Her second book is called Veronica’s Garden: A Colouring Book to inspire curiosity, courage and friendship. She wrote and illustrated this book based on the lessons she learned while living with her friend Veronica, and discovering her own creative path and purpose to her work. Each page tells a story, through pictures and words, captured for you to colour, relax and reflect. 


From classes and books, Sarah creates YouTube colouring and cartooning tutorials as well as free downloadable colouring pages for both adults and children. She says she is often asked “what age is this for?” but she considers her work to be ageless. She says,  “It’s all about thinking creatively, having fun, and expressing your own personal story.”


Click to BOOK:


Cartoon Club for Kids Ages 8 – 12 (1 hour)

Tuesday 4:15pm GMT (11:15am EDT)

Thursday 4:15pm GMT (11:15am EDT)

Saturday 10am GMT

Saturday 3pm GMT (10am EDT)


Cartoon Club Junior – Ages 6 – 7 (30 min)

Thursday 3:30 pm GMT (10:30am EDT)

Saturday 11:15am GMT


Discover Your Inner Cartoonist – Adults (1 hour)

Tuesdays 11:00am GMT 


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