Woolly Tales

The first chapter of  Woolly Tales.

I met Andy for a coffee this morning as I wanted to find out more about this unique business him and his wife Nicola have set up from their home in Godalming. Andy is a graphic designer, illustrator and photographer. His wife Nicola knits all the characters as well as giving instructions for you at home to knit your own characters. All the sets and props for the books are all made by Nicola they built the initial set together; however, she makes all the scenes for the books on her own, and Andy takes the pictures.

Andy and Nicola have a 2-year-old son, and they found that he was mesmerised by the books, the stories are aimed for 1-2-year olds, therefore they aren’t too long and including the interactive knitted toy brings a complete sensory aspect to the books. All the books are colourful, and the pages are simple yet have plenty of other characters in the background that the children can point out as they are read the stories.

This is a new venture for this dynamic duo; however, they already have 8 books that have been published, and they are working on another 2 so they will have a set of 10. Each book features a different animal with their own unique personality and follows a day in the life of that animal. The books also show you at the back how you can knit your own animals!

Andy has also said that they have had feedback that the books are perfect for children who are learning to read as the pages are short and simple.
Having worked in childcare for over eight years, I have read my fair share of stories and what I found was the ones that were sensory based, or interactive were always the most popular ones, the children enjoyed the books they could learn most about without it being too difficult and that is where these books tick all the boxes.

Andy and Nicola would like to expand their business into schools and nurseries and have lots of fun making Woolly Tales characters with the children to create a personalised book specific to the nursery and school that the children are at.

It really is a lovely story of a husband and wife who started off with a seed of an idea whilst playing with their son and they and now watching this seed grow and grow, and I cant wait to watch as they continue to spread their wings.

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