One small job=One happy mother!

TMC Fencing.

The Fence before Chris came to visit.  

It’s that time of year where the gardens in England look stunning.

Flowers are in bloom, the grass is lush and green, potted plants are flourishing and of course everyone is spending a lot more time out in the garden.

My mother had recently discovered that she is pretty green-fingered, with the countless sunflowers, pits of cornflowers and even a potato harvest that has been palmed off onto me, as she doesn’t have enough space in her own garden to house them.

Needless to say, as soon as she realized she was a rather talented gardener, the garden became the pride and joy of my mother’s property.

Suddenly disaster struck….! The roses were out in full bloom and were desperately trying to climb, however didn’t really have anywhere to go.

The began to become heavy and began bending in ways only an Olympic gymnast knows how.

Clearly, the roses were ruining the whole aesthetic of the garden that my mother had created for the summer months, not only this, she had visitors coming over for the next week and the roses really were looking rather sorry for themselves.

After a rather unsuccessful wrestle with some chicken wire at the bottom of the garden, I knew we needed a helping hand.

Chris, from TMC Fencing was the man for the job.

I had assumed that a fencing company would only be interested in re-paneling a whole garden, and as much as Chris welcomes jobs like that, he also loves a smaller job too.

I called Chris and asked if he would be able to help. He was over that afternoon; he was patient and attentive as Mum explained exactly what she wanted doing.

The fence after Chris had been.

Within two days the fence was done, and the roses were on their way back to their former glory! Chris was efficient, well priced and a very polite, professional, and a gentleman as well. I would recommend him to anyone.


No matter how big or small the job, Chris is the man you need, he specializes in residential, commercial, gates, decking, and of course restoring a 70-year old’s roses to how she wants them to look!

Get in touch with Chris now;

07964 664 934


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