Godalming Panto

The Godalming Pantomime.

On Friday evening, I took the little one I used to nanny for along to the Godalming pantomime. When I found out it was being held in the Borough hall, I was a bit dubious as to what it would look like, and how they would be able to create an atmosphere in such a large space. They did it perfectly! The stage looked brilliant, the hall was lit so well, it created a great atmosphere as soon as we walked in.

The pantomime was brilliant and offered all the usual gags and jokes, however their use of props was very impressive, the giant and the beanstalk were both done so well. The actors were brilliant, and it was the perfect mix of children’s humor with a couple of more mature references thrown in for the adults.

The song choices were well thought out and it got the audience participation into full swing. The children in the audience were encouraged to get involved, as well as the big kids as we all had a sing off, against one another.

There was an interval halfway through where we could stretch our legs and grab some refreshments and then were back in for the second half. The interval was well timed and there was not too much time spent waiting around.

The second half was just as good as the first half, with more audience interaction, as well as the actors coming down into the audience, which sent the kids into a frenzy!

It’s a brilliant pantomime and good fun for all the family! It was a nice way to get into the Christmas spirit and the kids really did love it.

Go and see for yourselves!



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