Made To Measure- Ryan Tuck

 Made to Measure- Ryan Tuck 


As many of you know, this year I moved home. I had been living in the same house in Guildford for the past seventeen years. Yes, SEVENTEEN years. When one has been in a house that long, it is easy to take things for granted, the fitted wardrobe in the bedrooms, the power shower in the bathroom, even the flowerbeds that required minimum attention throughout the year.

When I walked around the house I wanted to buy, the first thing I noticed was that there were no fitted wardrobes. In my naivety, I had assumed that this was a given and that homes would come fully equipped with such a necessity! Obviously not!
It was at that time that I began my research into wardrobes. Who knew there were so many options? I encountered a hurdle pretty early on, as we were trying to buy and move in the middle of a global pandemic. This meant we had minimal time and chances to see the house that we had made the offer on. I did manage to scratch down some measurements on our preliminary viewing and that is pretty much what I had to work with.

Final Pic of wardrobes designed and made by Ryan.

I ordered catalogues from a number of big names within the wardrobe world and I was looking at prices ranging from £13,000-£17,000. I was floored at the prices I was being faced with. Therefore I looked at free standing options, these prices were a lot more within my budget but the depth dimensions were a lot more and therefore more of the floor space in the bedroom would have been taken up. I was in a real predicament.

As if by fate, I was scrolling through facebook one evening, as you do, and a woman had asked for some recommendations for a carpenter to help with a couple of bits that needed doing around the house. Ryan Tuck was recommended a number of times so I decided to reach out and see if he could help me.

I am so glad I did! I sent Ryan a message and explained what I was looking for, as well as sent him a couple of images that I had found online of wardrobes that I liked the look of. Ryan was quick to respond, as well as really helpful with some ideas that he would look into to ensure we had maximum storage within the wardrobe, resulting in less bedroom furniture, such as chests of drawers.

window seat space before

After a few messages back and forth, Ryan said he would pop over to the house and take a look and some measurements, and sketch up a design and see if I was happy to go ahead. By this point I had been in the new house for a couple of weeks and my creative flair was going into overdrive. I had decided that I would like a window seat built in the kitchen as well.

Ryan arrived and we walked around and I chatted away merrily to him about my vision. He was so lovely, patiently scribbling  things down as I nattered and scrolled through pinterest pictures of what I liked.

Window Seat with storage

A couple of days later, Ryan sent me through the designs for the wardrobe as well as the window seat. With both things he has really taken into account the importance of storage, as well as ensuring the two pieces were not too big and boxy. The quote was so reasonably priced and having met Ryan I knew I was in safe hands. I agreed there and then, and Ryan got to work on it all immediately. He was brilliant and kept me updated on progress as he worked away in his workshop. Within a couple of weeks it was all ready to be assembled within the house.

The assembly process of it all was quick, efficient and so tidy! Ryan used “Roll and Stroll” throughout  for the walkway from his van to the bedroom to ensure the carpets stayed nice and clean, he was prompt every morning and got the work done so quickly.

I absolutely love my wardrobe and my window seat. I can’t recommend Ryan highly enough. He is really genuine, hardworking and so creative in his designs.

I recently saw an amazing under stair cupboard that he designed, so I don’t think he is rid of me yet! Take a look at his social media platforms so that you can see exactly what he can do for you. You will not regret it. I am so glad I stayed loyal to local, and supported a small business. He created amazing results without the designer price tag. Thank you Ryan! 




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