Lock down Locks No Longer – another successful visit to DLo


DLo Hairdressing 

Lock down was a challenging and testing time for all of us, especially when it came to lock down locks. With some women frantically scouring the internet for home hair dye kits, whilst others tried their hand at sheering their husbands. I speak from experience when I say I thought I might end the lock down single after one evening of getting slightly side tracked with the clippers.

All I can say is, thank goodness hair salons and barbers have been allowed to open their doors once again, and the amateurs have put the scissors, clippers and razors down.

Over the past few weeks I have seen first hand how hard these businesses have had to work to catch up, none more so than Dlo Hairdressing. The salon is situated at the end of my road so I drive past their windows at least 4 times a day, I have seen, first hand, as David and Amy have gone above and beyond to get their salon up to, and exceeding, government standards.

Everyone who enters the salon has to wear a face covering, as soon as you walk in through the door, you have your temperature taken and they provide you with hand sanitizer. I was led over to my seat which was 2 meters away from the station beside me and in my chair was a plastic bag. This bag contains a gown, that is washed and sterilized every evening, some hand paper towels so that they can be thrown in the bin after you use their bathroom.

Jade was the stylist who was looking after me, not only did she have a mask on, she also had a full face visor on top of her mask, it really showed me how conscientious they are as a company. When I had my hair washed, a new disposable towel was taken out of a sealed pack, my hair was dried and the towel was put straight into the bin afterwards.

Amy, the manager came over for a chat and catch up as I was having my hair done, I remarked how impressed I was with all of their safety measures in place, which I felt was important as I really did feel like they have put a lot of effort into it, I also have a mother who is shielded and I would feel confident to bring her into DLo Hairdressing, which I do not say flippantly.

This husband and wife team just celebrated their 4th anniversary of their salon, and watching them overcome hurdles like these are a true testament to the resilience and passion they have for their business.

Every time I walk out of that door I feel a million dollars, not just because of my new hair styles but also because of the full experience I have received. Amazing customer service, a really genuine and attentive team, and most of all a lovely humble couple who just want to continue to run their business as best they can.

I can’t speak highly enough of the team and recommend them whenever I can. Now, more than ever it is vital to Stay Loyal To Local, and these guys should be your first stop. Thank you DLo for another amazing experience, already looking forward to the next one.


01483 440414


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