An interview with a complete inspiration to ambitious, driven and determined young people everywhere!

At the age of 22 Shannon was a business owner. I do not know many people who can say that today. I went down to SS Make Up Studio so that I could find out first-hand how this incredible woman has achieved so much in such a short amount of time.

When did you start experimenting with makeup?
About 6 years ago I began to teach myself, I would do a full face of makeup and then take it all off and start again. I would post some selfies on Instagram and before long I was getting messages from brides and women asking if I did this professionally. When I started, I hadn’t had any training and was completely self-taught! I thought I would enrol on a beauty therapy course so that I could gain more knowledge on other aspects of beauty. It turned out that out of the whole course, there was only a 2-day course on makeup and that was only basic make up, I was devastated! But at least I left with some qualifications!

What do you think sets you among the rest of the competition out there?
We are a one stop shop, we can do hair, nails, lashes, tan and makeup all under the same roof! We also have a great team here and everyone who works here is offered to train on the job, they can learn certain skills of beauty that they haven’t tried before. I like the girls to expand their knowledge and learn as they work. I find that it helps build their confidence.

What is the worst thing you’ve had to do as a makeup artist?
When I was starting out, I got asked to do some makeup for a wedding. I was pretty excited to be asked to do the makeup for the wedding party, until I found out it was a zombie themed wedding and the guests were not allowed to come if they didn’t have their faces done up like zombies, so I’m not sure if that’s the worst but definitely the weirdest!

What is your best make up tip?
Eyelashes! When you are applying false eyelashes wait for 30 seconds to 1 minute for the glue to go a bit tacky before you apply the lashes. If you do it too soon the glue is still wet and it makes the lashes slide around, if you wait too long the glue dries and you must start again! If you wait for a bit after applying the glue the lashes hole better and are easier to secure where you want them!

What is a big no no in your opinion?
Don’t do heavy eyes and heavy lips. If you are going for a dark smoky eye, then make sure the lips are light. Or if you want a bold striking lip colour then make sure the eyes are more natural and softer.
What was the hardest thing you learnt in your training?
I think it would have to be liquid eyeliner, I know a lot of people struggle with this so we do run our own makeup courses here so that we can teach people some techniques and help train them and get them qualified for where they want to go next.

What’s the hardest thing about owning your own business?
It’s just full on, and trying to find a good loyal team, which I thankfully have, but I want people with the same mind set as me and trust is a big thing as a business owner, not just within your team but also having the faith and trust in yourself to do what you think is best for the business.

Where are you hoping SS Makeup will go from here?
I want it to be a chain! My dad asked me the same question and I told him that I am not stopping at one shop! We also have our own eyelash brand, which is very exciting, so just keep developing and carry on looking after loyal customers and welcoming in new ones!

What message would you want SS makeup to give to people?
As cliché as it sounds, I want people to see that it is possible to have a dream and make it happen. I was only 22 when I got this shop and I want to show people that they can do it too!

Thank you, Shannon, for allowing me to come along and find out more about how your business started and where you are hoping it will go from here. It is amazing to see such dedication and determination from one young lady into making sure that her dream is kept alive.

Get yourselves booked in to the ‘One Stop Shop’ that will make you leave feeling even more beautiful than you walked in feeling! Even if it’s just for a chat, all the girls are so friendly and welcoming, and I can’t wait to get myself booked in for a make-up class with them!
01428 644111
Haslemere, Surrey – GU27 1H


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