Haslemere’s Glad Rags Project

The GladRags Project began in March as lockdown confined us all to our homes. Haslemere Educational Museum and artist Diana Burch are collaborating to create a community textile record of the positives we noticed in trying times.

As restrictions ease, we would like all ages and abilities to think about the continuing story of what makes us feel glad… often things we took for granted like meeting with friends and loved ones or even getting a haircut!

Pam Murphy from Haslemere has supported the project throughout by setting herself a challenge to make a square a week. She has made a personal diary of Covid-19 by documenting calendar and natural events, using collage, weaving, knitting and drawing.

Pam heard about the GladRags Project through the Museum’s community board posts online. She says ‘I wanted to take part because I was elated seeing my square that I made a few years ago for the Community Mosaic on the GladRags Facebook profile picture. I remember how that project involved the whole community, so being in Lockdown I thought this was a very positive thing to take part in.’

‘After completing my first two squares, I found myself looking forward to doing another one and so on. Hence I was then on a mission to complete a square a week, getting my ideas from what was happening or had happened that particular week.’

‘Taking part in this project has been great fun for me. Thinking and planning what to do next, crafting very differently to what I make normally. It has also taken up what could have become ‘boredom time’ and used up plenty of my “I’ll use that one day” craft stash.’

Pam regularly joins Diana’s creative workshops at Haslemere Museum where she experimented with many different techniques. It is hoped these sessions can resume in a covid-safe format soon. In the meantime, Diana is holding ‘Art Outdoors’ workshops in and around the district for fun, informal opportunities to try your hand at new techniques in safely distanced and friendly groups.

If you would like to take part in one of these sessions, please contact dburchstudio@gmail.com for more details and dates of upcoming Art Outdoors workshops.


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