Kissed By Betty

Kissed By Betty.

A couple of months ago I met Georgie, this meeting was going to be a rather special encounter.


Georgie was coming in to chat about the Cancer Research Relay that was taking place over the summer, and we chatted about why the cause was so important to her.


As the meeting went on, it transpired that Georgie had also lost her father to cancer around the time I had lost my father, we think they might even have been on the same ward at the same time.

The meeting continued in this way and we found out we had more and more in common, Georgie admitted that she wanted to open her own shop and run her own business. I could tell from the determination and drive of this woman that she was going to do it.

I was right.

A couple of months later, Kissed by Betty was opened in Pound Street, Petworth; it’s a place where you can find beautiful bespoke furniture and unique accessories for your home and walls, all individually sourced from creative designers and local artists.


I popped down there a couple of weeks ago and I was greeted with a huge smile, a hug and a cup of tea. There was another customer in the shop too, awaiting a cup of tea. Georgie explained that she wants to keep the shop as informal as possible and give it a laid back approach as people come in and have a look around.

The shop is beautiful and filled with unique and contemporary art and furniture, there are explosion of colours as well as a range of textures from items that Georgie has individually sourced from creative designers and local artists.


I would really recommend a visit down to Kissed by Betty. Of course for the shop, but also to meet Georgie, she is such a lovely lady and has a great concept of style.


I can’t wait to go back again and find some treasures for my home.


Kissed By Betty
Home accessories business in Surrey. Antiques and collectables loving found, restored and kissed by Betty


Pound Street, Petworth, West Sussex, GU28 0DZ


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