What a relief!  The pressure is off Year 6s with the cancellation of SATs. After a year of disruption and with schools still closed, it seems only fair. We are still waiting for details about returning to school and any element of teacher assessment that may be adopted but at least Year 6s can now focus on what comes next.

It seems early to be thinking about Year 7, but without a SATs result, each child’s new school will be bound to conduct their own assessments in September.  They need to so they know how to support, and possibly stream, their new intake providing the launchpad for their secondary education.

Hang on a minute though!  What does that actually mean in practical terms?

In reality the escape from SATs probably just shifts the pressure on year 6s to deliver their best efforts in the autumn, straight after the ‘normal’ school holidays – just when everything is extra rusty.  Perhaps the news is not so great acter all!

We’ve been thinking long and hard about what can be done to help September to be a good experience, rather than agonising, for those moving from primary to secondary school.

Our conclusion is that this year needs to be a one off (fingers crossed!). Around June we will launch a special “Secondary Readiness” programme to help make the summer productive and the autumn term as enjoyable and stress free as possible.  We will be aiming to spot and fill any gaps that have developed in the last twelve months and have everyone in a positive frame of mind, ready to show their best skills when the assessments that will shape their future do finally happen.

I think that makes sense – do you agree? If you’d like to chat about it do please get in touch!

Jan Lomas, Magikats


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