What are the actual problems that are being revealed now schools are back?

We hear constantly about learning gaps and students being disadvantaged by home education during lockdown but is it possible that this emphasis is giving us a distorted picture?  For many children, being taught at home through the last few months, whilst undeniably challenging for parents, may have actually been something they enjoyed and possibly even benefited from, in some ways at least.

What I see so far suggests that for many their real loss has been the missed face to face interaction with teachers and friends.  True, overuse of keyboards and technology may have contributed to declining writing skills and created over dependence on spell checkers etc. but the greatest, often overlooked, loss has been the social contact and the opportunity to think things through and work things out together.

Think back!  I bet the topics you remember best from your school curriculum are those that you worked hard to get your own brain around, probably by discussing them with others.

Everyone wants children safely settled back into school and returned to their studies. Concerned parents may also be seeking extra support for their family and may look back online to do this. Obviously it is tempting to take what may now be seen as this easy way forward but what do children, whether struggling academically or desperate for extension, actually need to get back on track? It seems to me they need to be given extra opportunities to work with real people (adults and children) in person rather than via computers.  That way they really can restart strong learning and reasoning skills whilst enjoying themselves!

Did I mention?  That is my other concern – their loss in the joy of learning! Threats/promises of longer school days and shorter holidays is hardly going to increase their enthusiasm!  Working in a relaxed, friendly, technology free environment that feels like a club, with mentor led small groups has to be a more enjoyable and effective option. Prizes to recognise achievements don’t come amiss either!

To reserve a place at your local MagiKats COVID safe face to face workshops email jan@magikats.com now!  Be warned, though, we are booking up fast.


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