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The Guildford Autumn Festival

Tins for Toffee Apples at Guildford Rugby Club 17th November 2019

Supported by Greener Greens

On Sunday 17th November the children of Guildford Rugby Club will be welcoming eleven other clubs from across Surrey, South London and the South Coast for a celebration of Rugby, Autumn and Thanksgiving.

Greener Greens organic delivery will be giving every child who brings a tin of food for the Saint Mark’s Food Bank an organic, homemade, processed-sugar free toffee apple.

Come and join the challenge; bring a tin; and watch some spectacular rugby.

This marks the end of an Autumn writing season supported by Guildford Rugby Club on reasons to be thankful.

Thoughts the club received from local senior citizens:

The birth of my two beautiful boys – wonderful feeling to be a mother. 🙂 Brenda

My babies in their pram walking out with them – proud Dad. – Ron

Art when it is going well it brings a total feeling of happiness. – Mary

My wedding day – beautiful memories – didn’t really notice all the rain that fell on the day!  – my children and our holidays wonderful. – Lesley

Thoughts the club from one of our local school children:

……being able to live a childhood lifestyle free of the fear of oppression, it must be bliss! To think that is what my future holds: a scarily exciting, new, ambitious way of living in a new world far away from the old. It’s perfect.

The wait is over, after countless years of suffering in silence… I can finally be free. – Jack

Bring a tin; get a toffee apple; come and support your local rugby club and Saint Mark’s

With thanks to Greener Greens


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