Gunner Cocktails

Gunner Cocktails. 

I do not drink alcohol. I gave up drinking over 2 years ago. When I was first embarking on my sobriety journey, I was always on the hunt for exciting new non-alcoholic drinks that I could sample.

A couple of years ago I found that there really wasn’t a very expansive selection of them. I’m not sure if I noticed it more before the pandemic, or of the pandemic really did highlight how much alcohol people were consuming.

Whatever the reason I have been a lot more aware of the extensive range of non-alcoholic beverage that are beginning to appear, there really is no better time to be alive if you are an alcohol avoider seeking a proper adult drink.

Options beyond sugary soda, or water were rather limited, especially in pubs and restaurants, however the internet has fast tracked the new non-alcoholic drinks trend and highlighted there is a fast-growing consumer market for them to pursue.

I recently was chatting to a good friend about all of this, and he let me know that he was the co-owner of “Gunners Cocktails” a popular drink in golf that originated in the Far East. A Gunner is a blend of Ginger Beer, Ginger Ale, Aromatic Bitters, and splash of lime.

They trade marked the name Gunners Cocktails and have brought the product to market in 330ml slim cans and bag in box format from at bar dispensing.

Last week I was sent some to sample, as a non-drinker, I do sometimes find it hard to explain exactly what I fancy to drink. I want something that is refreshing, as well as not too sweet, I also do not want to feel like a little kid when I am sat in a fancy restaurant, with a rainbow filled glass in front of me, it sounds silly, but it can make me feel rather exposed!

Gunner Cocktails ticked every box with their refreshing yet sharp drinks. Once poured over ice I felt like I was having a ‘proper drink’ and one that I did not drink all in one go. I was able to make a soft drink a long drink. This is unheard of for me.

The lime and bitters were a perfect accompaniment with the Ginger Ale, the dry sharp flavours worked well together, and left me feeling very refreshed. They are now targeting local pubs and locally owned supermarkets to get see if they will stock them. I would love to see more options like these for us non-drinkers to indulge in. It really does make a huge difference.

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