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There is nothing like an early fitness class on a Monday morning, to get you set up for the week ahead. That is what happened to me this morning. I was invited along to 1Scuplt studios, to have a look at their new space, as well as to take part in one of their Barre classes.

This was my first barre class, and I had no idea what to expect. There were several ladies who were already at the class stretching and warming up, all of them were so welcoming and made me feel at ease immediately. I didn’t have much time for nerves as Nathalie soon came bounding in and got us all pumped up and ready.

Her energy was infectious throughout the class! Nathalie came around to everyone and adjusted peoples posture when they needed it, as well as taking part in all of the class as well, that was very helpful as I was able to see what I was mean to be doing, rather than just flailing around and hoping to fit in! The best way I can explain a Barre class is, a ballet class in fast forward.

The actual definition is; Barre fitness is a hybrid workout class – combining ballet-inspired moves with elements of Pilates, dance, yoga and strength training. Most classes incorporate a ballet barre and use classic dance moves such as plies, alongside static stretches. Barre also focuses on high reps of small range movements. (I like my definition better)

It was a great class. Afterwards I went and grabbed a coffee with Nathalie, the co-founder of the company as I wanted to find out more about the company and where the idea had come from, and where they were now.

Nathalie and her twin sister Jeannine started the company a couple of years ago. They both have a long history in personal training as well as being professional dancers for 14 years. They both taught at many of the top fitness boutiques in London and they wanted to infuse their love of dance with personal training and other aspects they have learnt over the years.

In 2017 they launched their brand as a pop-up teaching their classes at the NO.1 Carnaby studio run but Sweaty Betty in Carnaby street. However, they wanted their own studio and one afternoon whilst meandering down Reigate High street, they saw a Sweaty Betty store and they went inside to chat to the managers and the relationship began there. Both girls had grown up loving the brand and wanted to work with them.

September 2018 the first 1Sculpt studio was opened in the basement space of the Sweaty Betty Store on Reigate high street. It really has taken off and been a huge success. At the end of 2019, there was an opportunity to open a new studio in Guildford and the girls jumped at the chance.

1Sculpt is a completely individual concept, as it offers signature classes, as well as keeping it personal to everyone. Through all their success so far, they are not interested in cramming as many bodies into one class as possible. They want everyone to come and feel like they have had a personal experience and some 1:1 time with their instructor.

They have also found post and pre-natal classes are important. A lot of expecting or new Mums have approached with caution, but 1Sculpt ensure they do an abdominal separation check to ensure the women and safe and comfortable. This is just one example of the personal touches they do for their clients, they also send out exercises that can be done at home, if some clients can’t make it out of their homes.  As well as helping people who are in rehabilitation for injuries that have occurred.

For you first timers, the girls do an introductory offer that is 2 classes for £20, so that you can get a feel for it and see what you think. After that they run a pay as you go system, which is perfect for those of us who can’t commit to a set time every week. They also want all of their clients to leave their classes feeling great, and that every class matters. I really did feel this from my class this morning.

The girls gave up everything to take a risk and set up these studios, with both working 7 days a week, and very long hours. But as Nathalie said “Everything goes into it, but in turn we get a lot out of it”

I really did feel very looked after throughout the class and felt great when I left. Having just left a big gym where I felt like a rather small clog in a very big machine, I think 1Sculpt could be the niche that I was looking for. Get in touch and see for yourselves.



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