Woking Football Club

Woking FC. 

I feel like I should start with a disclaimer. Football is NOT my forte. 

I dabbled in Rugby at university, even then i use that term loosely. I was carrying a bit of winter weight (8 stone of it) and assumed the silver lining would be that I would not be crossed on the rugby pitch because of my slightly portly exterior I was wrong and after breaking my wrist twice I was hauled off the pitch by my two concerned parents.  

I digress. Being welcomed into the fold of the family of my other half, I have realised that football, to a lot of people, really is a way of life. The Knight family are a prime case in point to this, Dad Steve played for years as a child and continued into adulthood with an impressive career spanning over 25 years. 

These days Steve prefers to watch from the sidelines and when he was offered a job as Head of commercial for Woking Football Club  a year ago, he jumped at the chance. On Wednesday evening myself and Steve’s son (my other half) and daughter were invited to come along for a meal and watch a game. 

This is probably a good time to point out that this was only my second ever football match and therefore I did not know what to expect. I had driven past the stadium a few times but I had never been inside, so I was excited at the prospect. We arrived early as we were going to be eating, however speaking to Beth, Steve’s daughter she said it is advisable to arrive slightly early as the parking can get a bit tricky when the stadium is full to capacity. However we received free parking as we were lounge guests.

Getting into the stadium was nice and easy, after our bags were checked we were directed to the entrance where we had our names ticked off and it was time to go through.  It is well sign posted and the path snakes around to avoid confusion, especially when it is peak season and they have to enforce crowd control. Our meal took place in the Geoff Chapple lounge. The lounge comes with its own bar as well as some nostalgic football memorabilia on the walls. There were tables set up for all of the guests that evening, the tables were round which i always find is a lot more sociable and makes conversation a lot easier. 

Dinner was roast pork with all of the trimmings, including a very generous portion of crackling! The service and the food were both brilliant and soon the room fell silent as we tucked into dinner. 

Steve then introduced the teams Manager, Alan Dowson, who came down and spoke to the guests about game ahead as well as how the season has been so far. It was a very personal touch that Alan took time out before the game to come and speak to all of us. Before we were shown to our seats raffle tickets were on sale, if you win the raffle ticket you get to keep half of the winnings, with the other half going back into the club. An innovative way to keep loyal fans happy as well as helping the club out. 

As we were directed to our seats, we were offered blankets to take up to the Lesley Gosden stand with us, which is where we were going to be watching the match. Again a lovely touch and pretty necessary for me, who had decided to go dressed for Paris in the Spring. NOT Woking in the rain. 

The seats were lovely and comfortable and the first half seemed to flash by! At half time we went back into the lounge for some apple crumble and a cup of tea to warm ourselves back up, not that I really needed to as the stand was undercover and the blanket had well and truly served its purpose. The second half was just as quick and although Woking did not win the match the atmosphere was still good. After the match had finished the sponsors nominated the man of the match and he came down into the lounge for an interview. Straight off the pitch he was happy to come in and speak about Woking Football Club and his experiences so far. 

It was lovely to go along and find out more about the club, which already has strong community links. The club brings people together from all over Surrey and beyond. 

The have great charity and local school involvement and are fully committed to promoting physical and mental well being, community coheartion, inclusion, diversity and equality to achieve this through the extensive year-round programme of health, sports, well being and education activities. 


In the next couple of years the club is hoping to develop and expand even further to allow them to do more within the community as well as creating additional space.  More information on this can be found at


For more information about the club or if you fancy coming along to support a game please visit



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