Claire from VantagePoint visits Roots Yoga

When I was younger, I had no time for yoga. I did not have the patience, coordination or if I’m completely honest I did not really understand the point of it all. Over time this has all changed a lot. As soon as I started suffering with mental health issues everyone kept saying that I should consider yoga, as it works wonders for the mind as well as the body.

I sat and told Isobel all of this and explained that I really was a beginner, we came up with the idea that I could go along to one of her classes and see what I thought of it.

On Wednesday morning I did just that! As I drove into the driveway and all I could see were the rolling surrey hills, with acres of fields, and sheep grazing peacefully. It was so peaceful and quiet. Isobel’s studio is set up in a lovely stone building, within the room there are full length doors so that you can look out and see the panoramic scenes of nature all around the studio.

The studio is light and airy, whilst also being a good temperature inside. It really was so peaceful in there. Before long the rest of the group were arriving for the session. Everyone who arrived were all different levels of experience and they were all so welcoming as well as having a laugh and making the atmosphere nice and relaxed.

The class started and Isobel was brilliant. She came over and adjusted my posture a couple of times throughout the class and automatically I could feel the difference. She also gave members of the class encouragement as we went along. All the poses and stretches were explained slowly and thoroughly, and Isobel has such a calming voice and her instructions made the easy to follow as well as taking away any feelings of apprehension that I had arrived with.

Isobel also provided all the equipment that we needed throughout the class, she had the mats, the blocks and the band that would help us stretch. The class was so enjoyable, and I had arrived with a bad back, which had disappeared by the time I left!

As everyone left the class Isobel handed each of us a homemade jam that she had made from her homegrown raspberries, it was such a lovely touch and everyone that had been in the class left chatted about where they were going to see each other this week, it was such a nice sense of community and there was  a real sense of calm. They all even said that they hoped to see me again soon, and I really did feel very welcome from the get-go!

If you are worried because you are just starting out, or if you haven’t been for a while then this is the class for you. Isobel really is such a lovely soul; she will put you at ease as soon as you arrive. Give it a go! I am so glad I went yesterday, it even helped me with my sleep last night, I feel brand new today!

For more information please see:

07826 521954


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