Kick Start your Health Campaign!

After the festivities are over and the Christmas decorations are packed away our minds always turn to New Year’s Resolutions and intentions of creating healthier habits for the coming year.

We want to lose weight, stop creaking at the joints, sleep well, get rid of our digestive bloating, and generally feel better, but so often by the end of January all our good intentions seem to have been forgotten.

This year why not kick-start your health campaign with a 14 day programme designed to help you understand more about how your body works and reacts to the foods that you eat.

It’s often said that food is fuel. You wouldn’t put diesel in a Ferrari and expect it to run perfectly, and your body is no different. Put the wrong things in and you’ll get sub-optimal performance out!

By following this guided programme you can change your habits and build the foundation for a happier and healthier 2017.

This is a detoxification programme – not a fast! So you won’t feel deprived or hungry, but you will rediscover your vitality and equilibrium.

You’ll get a better understanding of how your body copes with the toxic demands of modern life, with a focus on liver detoxification and the digestive system.

Previous participants have reported improvements in the following areas after just 14 days:

  • hormone balance
  • digestive function
  • energy levels
  • weight loss
  • skin condition
  • sleep quality

The online programme is supported via an exclusive forum to which you will be invited.

You can access this forum for the 14 days of the programme and have access to all materials, as described above.  You’ll also be given additional educational fact sheets and information and daily input from the supervising nutritional therapist.

You’ll also get a 15 minute phone or Skype conversation included during which any specific health symptoms can be discussed to ensure the programme is suitable for you.

Beyond this you will be able to post questions in the online group, which will be answered on the forum, and you’ll also gain insights from other participants as you share the experience of changing your habits!

Online Programme – Upcoming start dates: 9th and 16th January 2017


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