National Backcare Awareness Week runs from the 4th to 8th October

National Backcare Awareness Week this year will focuses on
spending more time at home, whether working, studying or at leisure.

‘This is an important theme for our 2021 National Awareness Week, which looks set to be our most successful campaign, to date,’ says Denice Logan Rose, Executive Director of BackCare, a leading charity founded some 50 years ago and dedicated to back injury prevention and supporting those living with back pain, regardless of cause. ‘Living in a global pandemic has witnessed us all spending more time at home for different reasons. As a result, we have to understand the importance of protecting our backs when we are sitting at makeshift work-stations set up on kitchen tables, studying in bedrooms or spending more time simply lounging on sofas.’

‘With more people having to adapt to new working arrangements and the limitations that lockdowns have imposed, focusing on how we can protect our spines when we are spending more time around the house, working, studying or simply relaxing seemed the natural choice for our 2021 theme,’ says Denice.

‘There are an estimated 540 million people in the world suffering with low back pain at any one time, and 80% of the UK population will suffer from back pain as some point in their lives. These figures only highlight that it is in everyone’s interests to try to do something to prevent unnecessary injury. Our spines are the structure that supports us when we are at work, at rest and at leisure. Our National BackCare Awareness Week (BCAW21) aims to do just that. We are putting our back into it and we hope that companies, health authorities and schools will join us in our efforts,’ says Denice.

‘Back pain presents a major challenge to health systems and employers alike. It costs the National Health Service and the UK economy billions of pounds every year and leaves those suffering with back injury in pain. As a charity, we have our work cut out,’ says Denice.

A number of back injuries are preventable and this is really what our BackCare Awareness Weeks are all about. Whilst 2021 will be focusing on spending more time at home with three new booklets to focus on the core areas of working, studying or leisure, we also have materials for people still working from offices, factories, colleges, universities, hospitals and care settings too,’ says Denice.

‘We have seen an amazing take up by organisations and companies and as a result there are already some 200,000 plus employees who will be made directly aware of the availability of our free resources. If you want to help BackCare to make BCAW21 the biggest and most successful one to date, we are calling on all companies, organisations and health authorities to work with us. Together, we can put our backs into this, to prevent unnecessary back injury whenever and wherever possible,’ says Denice.

For Information about how you can get involved in BCAW21 visit or contact Access to all materials is free.


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