Natural Light Spa Experience

Claire and I were treated to a most enjoyable afternoon at the Holiday Inn Natural-light Spa this week. The pool was very quiet and a decent length with jacuzzi, steam room and sauna alongside. Relaxing on poolside loungers we enjoyed our apple, kiwi, lime and spinach smoothie before heading in for a most relaxing taster massage courtesy of Katie and Rachel – Sarah had a back & shoulders massage, and a ‘Ying Yang’ reflexology treatment for Claire. Katie spent a long time on her temples as she suffers from migraines and insomnia. Katie also did a lot of work on her feet and connecting to the bodies shakra. Katie was very helpful to give Claire some tips on what she can do moving forward in regards to self-care and meditation and some suggestions of yoga classes for Sarah. That night Claire slept for 8 hours straight…this is unheard of! We both felt transported from our day to day stresses to a whole new place. We would thoroughly recommend both therapists who also cater for large hen parties, group bookings, gentlemen as well as hotel guests.

For more information contact and watch out for the competition in our September Guildford edition for the chance to win a taster spa experience with a 25 minute Aryvedic relaxation massage.


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