Sally Howard Hypnotherapy

Does your willpower need more power?
Are you ready to make that important change for you?
Your powerful subconscious mind could hold the answer to your problems.

How Hypnotherapy Works

Using hypnotherapy it is possible to make changes to your subconscious mind which will enable you to make changes in your life or resolve issues.

Your subconscious mind has every memory and experience of your life stored away. Even if you do not consciously remember something that happened in your life, your subconscious mind will. Your subconscious mind uses all this information to help and protect you, as that is its main job; it is always looking out for you and wants you to be happy.

Unfortunately your subconscious mind can get it wrong by exaggerating a memory, for example when a spider scared you, and this can grow into a fear or phobia.
Another example of your subconscious getting it wrong would be if it believes that you really enjoy smoking or eating fattening food or biting your nails. You may have enjoyed it at one time and now you consciously want to give up the bad habit but your subconscious disagrees! This makes it much harder for you to make that change.

So whether you want to lose weight, stop smoking or improve your performance. Or, if you suffer from anxiety, panic attacks, disturbed sleep or are in pain, hypnotherapy could help you.

I am a Cranleigh based hypnotherapist and professional Member of The National Hypnotherapy Society which is accredited by the Professional Standards Authority.

You can talk freely to me in confidence, in a friendly environment and without judgement. Any treatment will be designed individually to suit you and your personal circumstances.
Now Available – The Amazing Hypno-Gastric Band

This unique technique has been developed over many years and is very popular, mainly because of its high success rate. This is a four session experience which includes recordings to listen to at home. Using hypnosis your subconscious mind really believes that you have been fitted with a gastric band. You have all the advantages of being fitted with a gastric band without undergoing surgery and without the unpleasant side effects that can be experienced.

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