Swapping booze for therapy like Fearne Cotton? Then TWLW could be your answer!

Fearne Cotton recently revealed she’s swapped partying for therapy. The radio presenter who has been open about her battle with depression said, “I don’t go to clubs. I spend any money I would have spent on a therapist every week.”

Speaking of her husband musician Jessie Wood, she added, “My husband is a recovering alcoholic so it helps that I don’t drink. I really prefer life without it.’

And you might be surprised to hear that Fearne isn’t alone, with Britons drinking less alcohol.

According to a study of 189 countries’ alcohol intake published in The Lancet, one in seven (15 per cent) people in the UK abstained from alcohol in 2017.

We all know us Brits love a good drink – the temperature only has to go above 10 degrees Celsius and we’re down at our local pub garden ordering a jug of Pimm’s.

And then there’s Christmas, which is pretty much an excuse to drink Mulled wine and eat mince pies daily.

So why are Brits drinking less all of a sudden?

While there are many factors behind the choice to cut out alcohol, such as the cost and the dreadful hangovers, according to The Alcohol Information Partnership, the study showed more people in the UK are “now drinking responsibly than harmfully” with “old negative stereotypes increasingly a thing of the past.”

Asides from physical health issues, alcohol misuse and abuse has been linked to mental health issues.

While some reach for a glass of wine to calm their nerves, it’s actually been proven that heavy drinking can lead to depression, anxiety and make stress harder to deal with.

So, it’s little wonder Fearne has packed in the booze for her own mental health.

But what about those who haven’t got the resources to visit a shrink every week?

Fear not! Our experts have the answer…

Introducing, ThinkWell-LiveWell – the new mindfulness Toolkit for Practical People.

As an ever-more stressed society we’re constantly on the lookout for support and solutions.

Self-help books have reached record sales and well-being and mindfulness apps seem to be everywhere – but are they really helping as many people as they could?

Mick Cassell, an experienced therapist, former advertising psychologist and the brains behind ThinkWell-LiveWell aims to meet people’s real needs in a practical, accessible way.

“Mindfulness on its own does not bring about targeted change in specific areas, which is what many people first look for. However, by blending and combining it with other methods and disciplines, as often happens in face-to-face counselling, people can achieve rapid, meaningful results, and their tentative interest can be converted into a long-term, life-enhancing habit,” he explains.

The ThinkWell-LiveWell ‘Mindfulness and More’ tool kit (https://www.thinkwell-livewell.com/) draws on Mick’s own multi-modular approach as a therapist to add and combine leading techniques such as cognitive work, NLP, hypnotherapy, guided meditation and dream-work, delivered in both online and offline forms.

ThinkWell-LiveWell further breaks the mould in the market by offering users a highly personalised experience. “Personal development should be just that – personal,” says Mick.

Users can experiment with key personalisation filters that greatly affect the subconscious impact of their experience, from enjoyable ‘Ways In’ to the mindful state to a choice of musical backing tracks, scientifically designed to augment each stage of the online sessions; even the wording of those sessions is tailored to a user’s sensory preference, whether visual, auditory, kinaesthetic or ‘logical’.

Qualified psychiatrist, yoga teacher and health & fitness coach Suzy Reading adds, “The web app offers mindfulness programmes overlapped with a range of complementary techniques to offer personalised self-development programmes that users can undertake in their own time.”Mick explains, “Any therapist, counsellor or coach has a duty to adjust their delivery or methods according to the individual in front of them. Our technology mirrors this online for the first time.”

So why not kick-start your mindfulness journey with TWLW today!



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