VantagePoint Does Yoga…

Lisa was kind enough to invite the VantagePoint team to come along to one of her corporate group classes, for those of you who know us, the term flexible might not automatically spring to mind. But we were determined to give it a go! In a world that is so fast paced it can be easy to forget the simple things that can make a huge difference, for example posture. We are constantly bent over a keyboard or a steering wheel and that is where Lisa comes in.

As a group we were all varied levels, and Lisa was great and making sure we working areas where we had any problems, as well as going at a nice comfortable pace and keeping a close eye to make sure we were all aligned correctly. She explained everything perfectly as well as explaining the reasons why certain stretches were good to do.


We all left feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. I couldn’t recommend her classes enough. Lisa also shows you simple stretches to practice at home to ensure busy lives can stay busy without niggling aches and pains!



Photographs taken by Jack Hendy Photography
 instagram: @jackhendyphoto


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