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Think about your Will and Lasting Powers of Attorney

We are experiencing exceptionally difficult times. We will get back to having fun with our families and our favourite pastimes before too long. At the time of writing we have wonderful weather which many of us are able to enjoy however those who are working in essential services and in …

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Dog training tips whilst in isolation

Life in lockdown is very different for your dogs as well as yourselves.  Their old routine has gone out of the window and they are adjusting to the new ‘norm’.  You may be busy working at home, or entertaining your children, but do give some attention to your wonderful pets …

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Working from Home – six easy steps to help you through your day

It’s not just our physical health that is being affected by the coronavirus pandemic – uncertainty, frustration, anxiety and stress, along with the huge changes in the way we now live our lives, are all having an impact on our mental health too, says Tina Turpin. You’re not alone if …

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Weekend Walk: Bignor Hill and Houghton Forest (5.5 miles)

This walk is an absolute classic, and you can see the reason: it has the ingredients of great views without climbing and wonderful woodland on the return. It is short and easy and hugely rewarding, especially recommended for those who want a pleasant half-day in the South Downs or maybe …

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Beth Otway’s Gardening Advice

Spring is a magical time.  Cheerful spring flowers brighten our gardens, as we bask in the joy of nature’s promise that there’s so much more to come.  This is such an invigorating and inspiring time, with much to see and do in the garden. It’s easier to pull up weeds …

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Weekend Walk: Polesden Lacey Circular (8 miles)

At Hikes of Surrey, we begin most of our walks from St Martins Church because of the easy parking and the spire acts as an excellent focal point and marker when we’re out in the hills. Parking is easiest in St Martins car park just north of the church. Make …

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Zero Hours Contracts

According to the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service (ACAS,, a zero-hours contract is a type of contract between an employer and a worker where: your employer does not have to give you any minimum working hours; and you do not have to take any work offered. Workers on zero …

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