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Intimacy & Committed Relationship – a new one-day workshop for couples

Sun 9th June, Godalming

Committed relationship has never been an easy road, but it’s one that very many people are still drawn to. Why? Well beyond the mysterious attraction for another that can unexpectedly overwhelm our defences, we’ve been told that it holds all the potential to fulfil our deepest yearnings for intimacy and trust with another. Is this just the stuff of romantic fiction, or can committed relationship really meet our expectations?

This is an inexpensive one-day event for couples with an interest in experiencing everything that relationship has to offer. So if you’re seriously interested in trust, intimacy, companionship, shared joy and love, then this could be the workshop for you. We plan to explore together the ways to overcome the obstacles to intimacy that expectations, gender stereotypes, lack of commitment and fear of vulnerability can create. We shall look at the unique potential for personal growth and transformation inherent in a deeply committed, long-term relationship.

Who is it for?

It’s open to any couples interested in the subject, regardless of how long they have been together. There will be a very limited number of places on this workshop (max 6 couples).

£45 per person

Full details and booking: http://bit.ly/2WnKsrw

Robin & Nancy Daly


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