Helping Make Christmas This Year Magical

It is no secret that the arts and entertainment industry has been very badly affected by the current pandemic. Thousands of creative and driven people have had to find new ways to earn a living and new ways to support each other. The battle for anyone in these industries to keep a roof over their head yet also stay true to who they are, has been a challenge.

Local close up magician Ben Williams had a thriving business entertaining at weddings. Suffice to say that almost overnight when lockdown commenced a whole year’s calendar of work had to be cancelled or rescheduled to later dates. Like so many Ben has had to adapt and work with the hand that has been dealt to us all.

One positive aspect of the lockdown is that it has shown us all that a lot of the most important things in life have nothing to do with money, industry or economics. The chance to slow down and appreciate the time we have had with each other has shone a light upon areas of our lives that for many have been neglected. Sharing moments, spending dedicated time with each other and creating memories with our children and loved ones has gained a much higher level of importance to us all.

Another positive that lockdown has gifted Ben is the chance to pivot and the time to create something that could bring his dream to life, that dream is Magic Dads. Magic Dads is the first online magic tutorial aimed directly at parents or anyone who interacts with kids. It teaches a range of extremely simple yet amazing magic tricks that require no sleight of hand; this means that these amazing magic tricks can be learned in minutes instead of years.

As Ben says, “[M]agic is such a great way to engage children and show them that anything is possible. For a child, the experience of seeing magic challenges and inspires them helping create a problem solving attitude as it makes them look at the world round them with inquisitive eyes.”

Finding new ways to earn money has been a reality for a lot of people during 2020. “I have always been creative loved magic and had a drive to teach. Parenting is something I also feel incredibly passionate about too. So to combine all of these natural passions of mine into one project was exciting and just felt right. I must also be honest and credit my wife here as the whole Dad Magic thing was her idea!” Ben says, which echos the sentiment that behind every great man is a great woman.

Over the past few months Ben has spent many late nights creating what is now Magic Dads with his motto Be More Than Just A Hero driving him on. It is not a tutorial to teach you to be a professional magician, it is a tutorial to provide people a new way of engaging children, to inspire more personal interaction with them in this digital age.

If you are wishing to make Christmas this year magical regardless of any potential restrictions that may be in place then maybe Magic Dads might just be for you. Visit: to learn more.


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