A room for all seasons

Local garden building designer Kani.House gave us a tour of their latest project, a stunning pool house in Tadworth.

The old log cabin was falling apart

It was February this year when Kani.House owner Neil Phillipson was called to design and install a replacement for a dilapidated log cabin, being used as a summer house by a young Surrey family.  The damp, dingy space suffered from all the faults commonly seen in timber garden buildings: extremes of temperature, wood rot, and ill-fitting doors and windows.  Their clients’ vision was for something much better: a new building which would feel comfortable year-round, to be a bright, airy gym and leisure space while housing all the necessary pool equipment.

Kani.House is the culmination of three years of work to create a unique building system that provides far more insulation and longevity than standard timber construction, and incredible flexibility of design (there are no ‘off-the-shelf’ sizes or styles).  They’ve built garden studios and offices, gyms and hobby rooms across Surrey, building up a vocal and enthusiastic client base and a legacy of beautiful buildings, each entirely custom designed specifically for their clients’ needs.  This latest project demonstrates exactly why they’ve been so successful.

Crossing the lawn to the pool house, it’s clear even as you approach that it’s something very special.  Though the building is brand new, it’s nestled amongst mature plants, demonstrating the care with which it was installed.  “Our installations are fairly surgical,” Neil says, “we take trouble to protect the garden during installation, because we want our clients to enjoy the space right away.”  It’s obvious that this level of attention goes far beyond the surroundings.  The pool house is approached via two wide steps, carefully matched to the existing paving around the pool, and close up there’s a quality of finish that is rarely seen on any building – let alone a garden room.

The building is clad in a fibre-cement cladding made to look just like painted cedar wood – but with none of the maintenance.  The roof appears to be real slate, but it’s actually a lightweight tile made from recycled material.  Everywhere you look, materials have been chosen for low maintenance, longevity and beauty… this is a building that will look good for decades to come.

Inside, the walls are professionally plastered – something Neil insists is standard for all their garden rooms – and the finish is superb.  Generous windows and doors flood the room with light, while a vast mirror back-lit with soft glowing light adorns the rear wall – installed by Kani.House along with a wall-mounted smart TV and specialist weight mats.  It’s a beautiful space and one the family will enjoy for many years.


Kani.House – http://kani.house

Email: neil@kani.house

Phone: 01483 901185

Prices from: £1000 per square metre


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