Is Covid-19 a Pain?!

For many people,  working from home has resulted in many aches and pains, with very little awareness of the potential problems that can occur.

There are so many potential problems but here we have decided to focus on just one – laptops. Many people work on laptops all of the time but within the general office environment they are often linked to a docking station or used with separate monitor, and usually used with a separate keyboard and mouse, but for the last few months many people are using them as just a laptop

On the dining table, often with a four legged dining chair – did you know that your dining table will usually be higher than your desk? risks – Head tilted forward, shoulders hunched, shoulder being pushed up due to higher surface, screen too close and too low – result is often upper back, shoulder and neck discomfort, headaches) – what can you do about it ? source a separate keyboard and mouse – beg borrow or buy online for less than a tenner, raise the laptop on cardboard box, Bricks or reams of paper, add a cushion to the four legged chair at no cost – or you can look into the various options that are available to help you create a healthier set up (Laptop stands, ergonomic keyboards, upright/vertical mice etc)

On the Sofa, probably one of the worst options, sitting back onto the sofa with the laptop on your lap will result in the head tilted forward to an even greater degree resulting in stress and strain on the upper back and neck, what can you do about it – possibly consider a side table which sits by the side of the Sofa and allows the laptop to be positioned on a surface above your lap (even better move to a table)

Lying on the Bed, worse than the Sofa lying on your font with your head lifted and angled backwards to view the screen or lying on your back with your head tilted forward to view the screen, either position will increase pressure and stain on upper back and neck – what can you do about it – move! as your bed was not designed for you to work on your laptop!

“But it is all too expensive !” the two pictures below show a laptop user, in the left picture he is using the laptop without any accessories (Head tilted forward, shoulders hunched, in the right picture he is using a separate keyboard and mouse (we had a quick look online and found a keyboard/mouse for less than a tenner!) and then he has raised his laptop with a cardboard box (Head is no longer tilted forward, shoulders are far more relaxed) overall he is in a far more comfortable and healthier position.

During your lifetime you will spend £1,000’s of pounds on computer equipment, desk tops, laptops, Tablets and phones all of which can have an impact on your health, you have one back and one neck and when you have problems with them they are not like a computer “you cannot buy a replacement”, so ensure that you look after them as well as you can – so if you are suffering from any work related discomfort whilst working from home speak to an expert to find out what you can do to try and improve the situation.

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