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Supporting Local- Handpicked for Dorking

Handpicked for Clandon Wood.

This weekend I popped along to Clandon Wood to show my support to Handpicked for Dorking as well as the exhibitors that were there. As we parked up I could hear Chris and Will from ‘Forget the DJ‘ who were playing some great music which added to the atmosphere of the event.

The weather for the event was brilliant, it was warm but not scorching, it was great to see how many people had come along to the event, by the time I arrived at 12:20 they were already using the overflow carpark. The event had started at 12!


I went over and spoke to Rob from Dapper & Suave as I had heard a lot about him from Jason, who was hosting the event and he let me know about all of the exciting things they had been doing, as well as showing me some truly unique and innovative designs they have been working on.

Another gentleman I was desperate to chat to was Oliver Jones. This gentleman seems to be mentioned everywhere I turn at the moment, and from his jewelry design I can see why. Again, amazing contemporary pieces that really are one of a kind, in all senses of the word.

It would have been rude not to go and visit Sweet C’s handcrafted chocolate, so I ensured I made a pit stop there (for research purposes only) as a chocolate connoisseur, self-appointed, I can say that the white chocolate and passion fruit pralines were out of this world!

I worked my around to chat to Rebecca form Dobby & Rose, this was an interactive stall and Rebecca was giving a demonstration on tapestry and encouraging the crowd to give it a go, it was great to see people getting involve in it, and even better to see how the product is first made all the way up to the finished products. Rebecca also runs workshops so those of you who are ready to release your inner seamstress, this is the place to go.

Next, I spoke to Ink and Clay, I heard about the three women who all combined their skills to create this company. Becky, Ali and Jeanne. The company is founded on a collection of artists, and the produce prints, ceramics and sculptures. It is a lovely concept of three individuals coming together, helping with different aspects of the company, and it really does work!

My last stop was to see Sarah, VK Gems is her company. Sarah had the right idea on the day. Settled back on a deck chair enjoying the hustle and bustle around her, Sarah exuded and air of calm, and in doing so was very approachable. Her laid back attitude allowed me to have a look at all the incredible handmade jewelry she makes.

Handpicked for Dorking really is such a great way for the local community to support local business. It is also a great way for the exhibitors to show off their products, while also being able to explain a bit more about the history, in turn allowing you to better understand the driving force behind them, as individuals as well in a professional sense.

For anymore information on future events please do get in touch;




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