Farnham Repair Café launches Repair Connections

Saturday 21st November at 10am sees Farnham Repair Café launch a new virtual initiative – Repair Connections – aimed to bring the local community closer together in lockdown.

The Farnham Repair Café (FRC) has built up a loyal local audience in recent years and it has become clear that people are missing the social and community experience of attending a session, not to mention the pleasure of having their possessions repaired (on an average 65% of the time).

Repair Connections has been devised as a way to help people connect and have a bit of fun online, via Zoom. The aim is for Farnham citizens to make short introductions to others using Zoom breakout rooms hosted by Repair Connections. This will enable people to meet others virtually within Farnham and get to know each other a little better, and possibly even plan to meet up after lockdown. The invitation is extended beyond the FRC community, so we’re inviting people to share the contact email with others or let them know via social media. To join the Repair Connections session on 21st November, please simply email rcarruthers@uca.ac.uk and Ros will send joining instructions.

How will a Repair Connections session work?
Those who sign-up will be allocated a place in a Zoom breakout room that will be open for around 10 minutes. After a 10 minute chat with the others in that group, participants will be randomly allocated to a new breakout room for 10 minutes of chat with a new group, and so on. A 60-minute session will therefore offer several opportunities to meet a range of new people, as well as catching up with existing Farnham Repair Café friends.

Based on the number of people in each room, the aim is for each participant to give a quick, informal 1-2 minute introduction about themselves and have a bit of fun. Then, after the introductions, they will have time to chat about anything that interests them and/or has emerged from the introductions. Martin Charter, Trustee and Chairman of FRC will act as the facilitator for the session.

‘Looking forward to seeing you at Repair Connections!’ – Martin Charter on behalf of the Farnham Repair Café Team.


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