Slow down for the scarecrows!

Hambledon, like many other villages across the country, have set up Community Speed Watch groups to try and encourage drivers to slow down through villages and country lanes. This involves police-trained volunteers spending time by the roadside in set areas, recording and reporting drivers exceeding the limits.

One of Hambledon’s group, Jo Kirkland, suggested trying a Speedwatch Scarecrow competition!   This has engaged the community and sparked their creativity from Hambledon Nursery School to The Merry Harriers to The Football Club with residents from age 6 to 91 making scarecrows to put up along the lanes, and hopefully acting as fun reminders to slow down.  Prizes have been offered by the Merry Harriers, the Village Shop, Nelly’s Bakes, Fearless Tae Kwondo and Waitrose.

With so many more people out walking/running/cycling/riding  and more and more traffic on the road, it is paramount that everyone shares the roads safely.  There is also wildlife requiring consideration, not always avoidable, but possibly could be if vehicles were travelling more slowly!


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