Surrey University lunch-time open recital

This lunchtime I was treated to the Metropolitan Guitar Quartet by students at the Department of Music and Media PATS Studio 1, Stag Lane Campus. The quartet features an outstanding young ensemble whose members have individually and consistently been awarded top prizes at some of the worlds  most important guitar competitions.

Originating from Italy, Bulgaria, UK and Chile they met in London and founded the quartet in 2018, as a natural consequence of their friendship and desire to make chamber music to the same exacting standards they each pursue in their solo performances. One member Pavel Ralev is himself a masters student at Surrey university Department of Music and media. The performance today was their first public debut, with music by Tchaikovsky, as well as brand new arrangements of works by Joaquin Rodrigo and Terry Riley.  It was wonderful to hear the music especially the well known dance of the sugar plum fairy –  from the Nutcracker ballet – absolutely delightful played solely on guitars by the quartet, as was the Russian and Arabian dances which for any ballet lover would be easily recognised !

Finishing with Tres veijos aires de Danza from Rodrigo -a really fantastic experience.

A great number in the audience today, from not just students but members of the public who are always welcome to attend the recitals free of charge. For more information see:


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