Surrey University Lunch Time Recital

I had the opportunity to attend the masters performance assessment recital at lunchtime on Wednesday at The University of Surrey. It’s part of the assessment process for the department students, but as the recitals are open to the public it gives the students the opportunity to perform to a live audience. The recital consisted of a variety of solo and ensemble student performers in a wide range of styles. I was only able to attend for the classical part from solo performers and listened to some most talented students perform a range of pieces from well known composers such as Schumann, Brahms, Handel, Saint Saens Beethoven and Debussy. The students had clearly put a huge amount of hard work into perfecting very polished performances of songs accompanied by the piano and a really talented pianist performing 3 pieces in her piano recital assessment.

The recitals continue every Wednesday for the next 5 weeks and members of the public are welcome to join the audience. And if you’re free on Sunday 20th October why not come along to the Orchestra day performance at 5.30 pm at the PATS studio..

For more information on the recitals visit

Facebook: universityofsurreyarts

Twitter: surreydmm

Instagram: @surreydmm


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