Guildford Walking for Health restarts

Fresh air, sunshine and gentle exercise can do a world of good for your mental and physical health. The advice from the government is that you can continue to walk outside (staying a safe distance from others) unless you are showing symptoms.

The latest guidance from the Ramblers Walking for Health state that we can be up to 30 people joining a walk, but walkers need to pre-register to attend a walk (for track and tracing purposes).

You need to go to the Walking for Health webpage:

Underneath the heading ‘Guildford Walking for Health’

Click ‘Scheme Dates’

The Calendar appears. Click on the walk(s) you wish to join.

On the next page, bottom right, click ‘Join’.

On the next page, you will have to log in.

If this proves to be difficult, contact Annelize Kidd by email at or call 07554 423010.


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